Americana Technologies Brings NFTs to the Physical World

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As most NFT companies look to turn digital items into prized assets, the physical world has remained largely neglected. Americana Technologies aims to change all that however, with its innovative NFTA chip that will give any real-world item a touch of the nonfungible.

In a nutshell, the far-sighted tech firm has developed a universal microchip that owners can attach to any physical item, linking it intrinsically to the blockchain. Therefore, providing any collectible the benefit of traceable ownership and online trading. As a result, Americana envisages a world where any manner of item, from historical artworks, furniture, cars and even streetwear enjoy the benefits of NFT technology.

Due to its innovative take on the blockchain, Americana recently raised $6.9 million in its latest round of funding, with key investors including the Seven Seven Six venture capital firm and NFT Trading platform, OpenSea.

Still in its infancy, Americana currently runs on the power hungry Ethereum blockchain. However, the fledgling company is already looking at more gas friendly alternatives. Regardless of this, one further question still remains: What protections will they deploy to ensure against fraudulent behaviour?

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