AMC and Orange Comet Treat Fans to Epic “The Walking Dead” NFT Collection

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As the Walking Dead juggernaut prepares for its epic crescendo, AMC and Orange Comet offer fans the perfect way to honour their favourite show. What better then, as a reminder of the highs and the lows, nail-biting cliff-hangers, and unexpected turns, than a high quality NFT keepsake.

Each intricately crafted digital memento takes inspiration from the much-loved franchise, featuring fan favourite characters such as Daryl Dixon and the formidable Carol, as well as scenes, locations and gruesome paraphernalia from the Walking Dead world. All fantastically rendered as animations, avatars and incredible artwork.

The first set of NFTs will hit the Orange Comet marketplace at 10am PST on February 20, coinciding with the premier of The Walking Dead’s latest installment. Thereupon, fans can feast upon the NFT goodness via a number of fiat-based payment options. For the uninitiated, Sunday marks the premier of the midway point of The Walking Dead’s extended three section final season, with Orange Comet providing NFT support all the way to the end.

The Walking Dead NFTs

These amazing ground-breaking commemorative NFTs come in a wide number of guises. Four unique NFT packs feature a duo of high-grade cinematic animations and NFT avatars. These include Daryl, Carol, the terrifying troopers, and the hospital where it all started.

Furthermore, fans can collect a piece of history with a unique 1 of 1 generative artwork displaying memorable heroes and villains from the series, while the inaugural wild card series will feature ‘live’ walker heads as they bob frightfully in a digitally-rendered fish tank.

The most talked about items however, come in as the “Walker Access Pass,” hugely exclusive items that provide additional amazing benefits to their holders. These highly sought-after items will grant access to a private Discord, and provide priority inclusion to future private and public NFT drops.

Fans must be quick on the uptake as these valuable items will be available for 24 hours only. After which, the next chance to join in will arrive a whole 12 month later.

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The Orange Comet NFT Management Suite

Orange Comet will not standby idly once the tokens sell out. To aid this non fungible journey, the impressive outfit will provide a full suite of management tools. Once purchased, the team will maintain the excellent collectibles in a bespoke wallet, while additionally providing an intuitive platform to collect, manage and trade their Walking Dead NFTs.

The Non-Fungible Future

Going forward, Orange Comet will continue to release The Walking Dead NFT collections in tandem with the final season in addition to creating extra content for further aspects of the franchise. All this however, is just a taster of what’s in store.

While whetting the whistle with a number of incredible tokens, Orange Comet is busy in the background building something bigger. Therefore, when the dust settles, the metaverse will usher in the arrival of an entire Walking Dead virtual universe. So, buckle up, and get your hands on some of those tasty avatars, it’s going to be a wild ride.

NFTs on a Sustainable Blockchain

Wise in the ways of the world’s fragile ecosystem, Orange Comet manages its non-fungible endeavors via the ecologically sound Eluvio blockchain, thereby keeping a sustainable standpoint that prevents unnecessary energy consumption.

The latest installment of the Walking Dead will hit the screens at 6pm PST on Sunday February 20. So, join the legions of the undead, and devour some delectable NFT collectibles at the Orange Comet marketplace this coming Sunday.

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