Alfa Romeo Moves Up a Gear with NFT Service Records

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Alfa Romeo, the world’s premier producer of beautiful cars of questionable reliability, has announced the integration of NFT tech into its latest model. As a result, the Tonale “subcompact” SUV, will use non-fungible tokens to track the vehicle’s service history.

Historically, fastidious car owners would keep a scrapbook of receipts chronicling a vehicle’s maintenance record. Then, draw upon this wealth of information to beef up the resale value of their sweet ride. Going forward however, Alfa intends to take care of this automobile administration by utilizing the magic of the blockchain.

Therefore, each and every time an NFT-backed vehicle heads to a legitimate Alfa dealer for a spot of tinkering, the team will update the NFT record, providing definitive, tamperproof evidence of the car’s lifecycle which in turn will provide an additional layer of credibility when it reaches the pre-owned market.

The Tonale world premiere, discover how the future Alfa Romeo begins:

— Alfa Romeo (@alfa_romeo) February 8, 2022

The all-new model also marks the company’s first step as it looks to move away from internal combustion. As a result, the Tonale is available in both gas-guzzling and hybrid versions, paving the way for the intended full transition to electric vehicles by 2027. The NFT-backed Tonale is set to hit European showrooms this April, with the US market having to wait a little longer.

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