Alec Monopoly’s MetaMuseum Launches in The Sandbox

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The Sandbox is partnering with renowned graffiti artist and DJ Alec Monopoly to create a virtual home that’ll house all of Alec’s real life and NFT art. Alec is internationally known for his use of stencils to spray paint various iconic pop culture figures. His work has been covered by various illustrious outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, London Times, New York Post, Rolling Stone, Playboy Magazine, Billboard Magazine, Vibe, and many more art and lifestyle blogs.

Titled ‘Alec Monopoly’s MetaMuseum,’ the house will be the go-to place for witnessing all of the new art, parties and music that Alec produces in collaboration with The Sandbox, as well as any limited-edition NFT accessories he releases. 

What we know for sure is that to begin with, the virtual home will host original Alec Monopoly art, rare characters from his Rags to Richie collection, and 3D sculptures. With this in mind, Rags to Richie NFT holders will receive unique privileges and access to special content and giveaways.

In speaking on the collaboration, Alec had this to say: “The Sandbox is the leading Web3 metaverse and I am thrilled to partner and collaborate with them. From accessories to avatars to my new foray into Electronic Music, The Sandbox offers so much potential for me to share my creative energy with the community”.


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