Airdrop Alert! You Have Been Summonsed! – NFT Plazas

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Charlatans and swindlers beware, now those crypto misdemeanours can reside on the blockchain forever. The UK court has given permission to file criminal proceedings via faculty of an NFT airdrop.

The development comes as online gambling kingpin, Fabrizio D’Aloia, looks to initiate court proceedings following a devious crypto heist, wherein, the unsuspecting Italian was tricked into depositing $2.33 million worth of stablecoins into two bogus crypto wallets. As the criminals involved remain anonymous, a judge has ruled that the Fabrizio can deliver the court paperwork to the offending wallets via an NFT airdrop.

This new ruling sees a landmark deviation for the powers that be as they look to embrace technology and adapt their procedures, previously allowing defendants to file proceedings through traditional means such as in person and by mail, as well as via more controversial methods including Facebook and Instagram. This however, marks the first time the UK has called the blockchain into action for such matters.

Despite all of this, an outside chance remains that the landmark item could now become something of a collector’s item, with certain members of the crypto rich willing to pay vast sums for ‘first ever’ NFTs. As of writing however, the ‘asset’ still has not made an appearance on the OpenSea marketplace.


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