Airdrop Alert! Blur Storms in to Shake Up the NFT Industry

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As competition within the NFT marketplace sector heats up, an all-new contender has come sidling into town. Hip new gunslinger, Blur, will look to cause a ruckus with a tasty airdrop and a sleek new NFT platform.

Arriving in a social media whirlwind on October 19, news quickly spread of this formidable new contender. The  mighty NFT marketplace features a lightning-fast bulk buy aggregator, as well as zero fees and a handy on-board portfolio manager and tracker.

To get the attention of the NFT community, Blur has kicked off with a tremendous ‘Care Package’ airdrop. Essentially, distributing packages in three degrees of rarity containing an indeterminate number of $BLUR tokens, each item remaining a mystery until the full token launch arrives in January.

Blur is officially LIVE!

To celebrate our launch we’re airdropping Care Packages containing $BLUR tokens to everyone who’s stuck around in the bear market.

You have 14 days to claim ⏰

— Blur (@blur_io) October 19, 2022

In order to qualify, participating wallets must have actively traded Ethereum-based NFTs over the last 6 months. As a result, those applicable can head over the website, connect up and make their claim. However, collectors with a mind to participate must do so within 14 days of the announcement.

Going forward, Blur will continue rewarding those active within its ecosystem, with a second airdrop scheduled for November for those listing NFTs on its marketplace. Its platform rewards structure will certainly add fuel to the great creator royalty debate by giving those opting in to royalties a larger share of the spoils.

Head to Blur and claim the airdrop >> Here


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