Afterparty Host NFT-Gated Festival with A-List Headliners

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The Chainsmokers and The Kid LAROI have been announced as headliners at the ‘First Annual Afterparty NFT Art and Music Festival’. The event, which is being curated by a partnership between former Kaaboo executive, Chris Racan, and former Life is Beautiful partner, Ryan Doherty, will be the world’s first NFT-gated festival, as holders of Afterparty generative ‘Utopian’ NFTs will be granted ‘all-access’ passes to the event.

The festival will see the worlds of NFT art, music and a creator-led Web3 community collide within a multi-venue, multi-sensory experience in the immersive entertainment district of AREA15 in Las Vegas. It will be a two day experience which takes place on March 18th-19th.  

With NFTs at its centre, prominent industry names Nate Mohler and Alec Maassen will be co-creating and directing the event’s NFT art program, which will see guests being transported into novel experiences of immersion and interaction. Afterparty’s Utopian NFT collection will also feature as a part of a diverse digital art gallery which will come to life via human-scale, 4K and 8K displays of multilayered intersections of imagery, sound, light, and space. 

For now, the festival’s promotional digital poster has blurred the names of the other 25 music acts and over 12 world-class NFT artists expected at the event, however the names will be revealed in early February. 

Lucky owners of Afterparty Utopian NFTs who have access to the event will be able to bring one guest with them, whilst also being given two passes which they can either give to friends or sell.

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