Adventuring Into the World of Blankos Block Party – NFT Plazas

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The endearing characters in Blankos Block Party are not the only reason behind the Play-to-Earn (P2E) multiplayer blockchain game’s popularity (but they are pretty high up there).

Setting itself apart from its rivals, Blankos Block Party showcases satisfying collectible facets alongside an immersive combination of music, graphics, sound effects, entertainment, and winnable Non-Fungible Tokens – all of which are designed to illicit a feeling of adventure and bring out players’ competitive side.

So, come and join us as we venture into everything about Blankos; It’s time to unbox your toy and level up!

The History and Mechanics Behind Blankos Block Party

After being released in 2020, continuously jumping and running to new altitudes, Blankos Block Party has become a revolutionary multiplayer game that directs its attention to exploration, creativity, and crypto. And boy, oh boy, what a fine combination!

Created by the talented masterminds at Mythical Games – and having involvement with industry veterans behind Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and World of Warcraft – there’s no need to be crypto-cautious when exploring this game on-chain.

The venture-backed next-generation game technology company whips up an in game economy like never before, based on the power of digital ownership, and turns physical and digital assets into digital gold.

With a reputation for excellence, all players are in the good hands of Mythical Games when playing Blankos Block Party. For once, the rewards aren’t too good to be true.

Journeying Into Blankos World – What to Expect

To truly understand the in-and-outs of Blankos Block Party, it’s important to note that Blankos are digital vinyl toys that are NFTs. Such digital assets have state-of-the-art skills, usable for practicing new techniques through solo challenges at “The Junction”, or for battling players to level up and win rewards (XP Chips, Gumballs, Party Passes, Moola, Blanko Bucks, and Blanko NFTs). But they need to be unboxed on the blockchain first!

Players can explore user-generated experiences inside the platform, adventuring through various activities with friends in racing, shooting, brawn, and vibe collection game modes. As a result, Blankos Block Party is the ultimate place to hang out with friends online. However, solo journeys are also enjoyable if preferred.

On the other side of the controller, Blankos gamers can immerse themselves into building their own game levels and defining their own rules of almost anything they can dream of, with no coding skills necessary. Other players can then test out their unique creations and leave them a rating depending on how much they enjoyed the experience.

Players wanting to take on extra challenges and win additional NFT items can also upgrade to the Blankos Season Pass and unlock an entirely new world.

Whether or not the player wants to partake in the game, create their own adventures, or join the Season Pass for extra advantages, all experiences are enjoyable through a cute playable character that unlocks and opens numerous activities when in good hands.

So, it’s time to put Blanko characters to the test via numerous challenges, and escape from the real world.

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Get Involved – Blankos Mythical Marketplace

Those looking to purchase a Blanko must check out the Mythical Marketplace to get their hands on one of the seriously dope in-game NFTs. It is the hub for buying, selling, and trading Blankos NFT characters and gameable accessories (wings, hats, helmets, etc.) and seeing other players’ wares to get an idea of the following “must have” digital assets.

Once purchasing one of these unique NFTs, the digital asset will immediately go into the player’s inventory, becoming playable at a click of the fingers.

Gamers can also unload some of their prized possessions on the marketplace when they would rather have digital currency in their wallets. There’s no regrets with Blankos.

So, join Blankos Mythical Marketplace, the one-stop shop for all your Blankos Block Party’s needs. Then, enjoy buying, selling, trading, playing, and partying until your heart’s content!

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