Activision Accused of Plagiarism of NFT Skin – NFT Plazas

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As the gaming sector is fast learning, while you can turn anything into an NFT, they have to be things you actually have the right to. Several marketplaces, including GameStop, have even found themselves having to remove unauthorized game NFTs from their platforms.

The latest of these incidents comes from Activision, which has been accused of listing a skin that was plagiarized and added to the Call of Duty: Warzone game. 

A Case of Plagiarism?

The allegedly plagiarized skin was first featured in Deadrop, an NFT game developed by Dr Disrespect. The similarities between the two skins were pointed out by fans on Twitter, who were outraged at the apparent plagiarism. 

But the team behind Deadrop was also apparently notified of the incident. Robert Bowling, the studio head at Midnight Society, which developed Deadrop, even tweeted that the studio should have named the character after him if they were going to copy his work. 

Last month, 10,000 NFTs of in-game characters were released to early buyers, called founders, of Deadrop. All the characters had a unique design to them that appears to be influenced by cyberpunk. Now, one of them appears to have been lifted by Activision. 

Sadly, this is not the first time that Activision has been accused of plagiarism, as they have previously removed a Loyal Samoyed skin that was very similar to one made by another developer.


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