AC Milan Forms a Formidable Alliance with MonkeyLeague

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Italian footballing giant, AC Milan has announced a barnstorming new collaboration with Web3 e-sports platform MonkeyLeague. As a result, forming a strategic partnership encompassing NFT gaming, merchandising, collectibles, and more!

Enter the Italian Champions

With the fearsome AC Milan on side, MonkeyLeague now has the footballing might to go toe to toe with the big guns by setting off on a magnificent journey into the hugely popular realm of ball-related sports. Through the mighty endeavour, fans can collect AC Milan-themed MonkeyPlayers, merchandise, wearables and other tokenized assets, as well as compete in a series of exciting AC Milan-branded MonkeyLeague tournaments.

The first AC Milan MonkeyPlayer NFTs will arrive later in the year via the Magic Eden marketplace, taking the form of a ‘highest bidder takes the spoils’ style auction, with the top tier NFTs coming complete with an AC Milan jersey signed by the entire club.

AC Milan’s hands-on approach to the Web3 ecosystem doesn’t end there however, as the Italian champions will help develop gameplay. Essentially, seeing some of its professional football team playtesting the game and advising on footballing mechanics, all with an end design to provide the most realistic gaming experience possible.

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Delve into the Competitive World of MonkeyLeague

Through the next-generation footballing platform, fans and gamers can pit their skills in the digital arena. Achieving this heady dream by forming a team of NFT ‘MonkeyPlayers’ into a tournament-ready battling machine, before testing their mettle against real players to find out who in the Web3 football realm has the talent to come out on top.

On the journey, gamers will discover exactly what it takes to build a championship winning team, while also standing a chance to earn MonkeyBucks tokens and digital assets for their troubles, as well as AC Milan on hand with additional goodies such as club shirts, tickets and fan experiences. This is all while providing a deeply engaging football platform, and guaranteeing a great deal of fun along the way.

So, the time has come to lace up the old football boots, dust off the shin pads, and take a trip into MonkeyLeague.

Find out more about MonkeyLeague >> Here

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