Aavegotchi Upgrades with Magnificent New Game Center – NFT Plazas

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Over in the spookiest corner of Web3, team Aavegotchi has just unveiled its amazing new Game Center. Through the excellent update, Gotchi fans can play and discover the best new interactive titles within its environment!

From the off, those exploring the Aavegotchi realm can play 2 live games, and learn about 7 more upcoming titles, all featuring Aavegotchi NFTs. As a result, players can dive right into the ‘Gotchiverse 2D’ Metaverse, and Slow Sunday Games’ ‘Gotchi Heroes’ monster battler right now.

In addition, fans can also take a moment to learn about further titles currently under construction. These include, the long awaited Gotchiverse 3D, the Gotchi Guardians tower defense game from Pixelcraft Studios, The Sandbox Aavegotchi Experience, Galaxy Brain Studios’ Gotchi Battler, the tactical strategy turn-based game ‘Strategotchi’ from Strata, a dungeon gotchi crawler from Slickgotchi and Oliver Spoon, plus the top secret ‘Project Uno.’

We don’t always announce every update to the Aavegotchi Dapp.

But when we do, you know it’s a banger.

Today we’re excited to announce the GAME CENTER – a fresh new way to explore and play games on Aavegotchi.

Read on for details (and to learn how you can list YOUR game!) 🧵👇 pic.twitter.com/J5BpLtzQXV

— Aavegotchi 👻 💜 (@aavegotchi) September 19, 2023

The Game Center Marks a Major Upgrade to the Aavegotchi Realm

This latest move will help Aavegotchi realize its ambition to transform into a full-throttle games launcher. Essentially, positioning itself to become a major hub for NFT and play-to-earn gaming based around the Aavegotchi IP. Through the newly launched portal, Pixelcraft Studios and independent developers alike will have a place to showcase their projects for all to see.

In addition to the current games, Aavegotchi has also invited developers from far and wide to join in the fun. Later down the line it will open-source its technology, but for the time being, those interested in launching in the platform can contact Aavegotchi directly.

So, as many Web3 projects struggle to find their footing in the current climate, veterans like Aavegotchi are just getting into their stride!

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