Aavegotchi Prepares for DeFi RPG Launch with Wearables Raffle

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Spooky society of NFT phantasms, Aavegotchi, has announced its latest wearables bonanza. A fine opportunity for stakers to switch out their $FRENS tokens for raffle tickets, and win some delectable 8-bit goodies.

In preparation for its eagerly-awaited adventure element, DeFi RPG, Aavegotchi is giving away a whole host of role-playing paraphernalia, thereby allowing gamers to regale themselves in the adventure garb of choice, before setting off on their mighty escapade.

All in all, 24 unique NFT adornments are available, representing 7 different RPG classes of varying scarcity. In total, 1,905 items will grace the raffle, which is also the first to include trait modifiers recommended by AavegotchiDAO’s wearables task force. As a result, lucky winners will walk away with some incredible additions to their Aavegotchi wardrobe.

1642844708 aavegotchi defi rpg.png

To participate, gamers must enter raffle tickets into the draw between 2pm UTC on January 26 and 2pm UTC on January 29. After which, Chainlink’s random number generator will determine the victors. Winners will then have an unlimited amount of time to claim their amazing new merchandise.

There are two methods of acquiring tickets. Firstly, users can stake $GHST via the Aavegotchi dashboard and convert the resulting $FRENS tokens to raffle tickets. Alternatively, they can buy them directly via the Aavegotchi Baazaar. Either way, users can then be enter the draw, and luck will decide their fate.

Learn about all the new wearables >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/aavegotchi-defi-rpg-wearables-raffle/

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