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As Web3 projects far and wide look for innovative ways to fill the void while the market remains unsteady, the spectral realm of Aavegotchi once again dares to be different. So, put your feet up, grab a mug of something caffeinated, and dive into the Aavegotchi ‘Margin’s Blade’ webcomic.

The all-new series follows the exploits of hapless margin trader, Alexander, as a mis-timed investment sees him lose not only his investments, but also his life! Reawakened in the gotchi realm, a rare spirit bonding has seen the luckless investor resurrected as the Bushidogotchi, as he now battles to return to the mortal realm, accompanied by his trusty sidekick, ROFL.

Working with manga-centric social media hub, VoyceMe, Aavegotchi will release new episodes at regular intervals, with the prologue available to read right now!

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Aavegotchi Stuns with Mesmerizing Gaming Updates

That’s not all however, as team Aavegotchi has notched up some serious building over recent weeks. Ever since it acquired the services of Gaming Veteran, Andy Tudor, production of the Gotchiverse has gone into overdrive. As a result, WIP video footage has emerged of a frantic first-person style battle game that will see players compete to the death in the Aarena. While the Gotchi Guardians RPG also unveiled a tantalizing teaser of its exciting immersive adventure. Both of which, will employ higher res graphics that used before, and render the Aavegotchi in glorious 3D.

MOBAs, RPGs, and combat shooters appear in the top 10 gaming genres every year 🏆

The Aarena combines the best of those genres into 🥇 cohesive game to bring #Web3 to the masses 🚀

Here’s some WIP footage to give you a sense of what to expect👇

(yes, there’s flying gotchis..!) pic.twitter.com/mhSXQ2pOp1

— Aavegotchi 👻 💜 (@aavegotchi) August 3, 2023

So, while other development teams sit back and wait for the market to pick up before launching new projects, it’s full steam ahead for the Aavegotchi!

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