9 Year Old Zombie Zoo Keeper Brings His Designs to Life in The Sandbox

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Some nine year old’s will spend their time figuring out which crayons taste best. Or, tackle such existential problems such as ‘why has my hamster changed colour?’. A Japanese child going by the name of ‘Zombie Zoo Keeper’ however, will launch a virtual world in the metaverse.

Zombie Zoo Keeper gained traction with his 258 strong Zombie Zoo collection on OpenSea.  An eclectic menagerie of zombified NFT creatures boasting an all-time trading volume of 120 ETH, taking the world by storm with his psychedelic pixelated designs and slightly macabre subject matter.

Now, he has partnered up with Manga and Anime specialist, Minto, to bring the designs to life in The Sandbox. As a result, the team will reproduce Zombie Zoo Keeper’s designs in glorious 3D, bringing them into the high-profile virtual world in a burst of vibrant colour in the shape of ‘Zombie Zoo Land’.


I’m excited to announce the great news, Zombie Zoo is teaming up with the world biggest metaverse game @TheSandboxGame to create

Zombie Zoo Land🧟‍♀️🧟🧟‍♂️

I and amazing voxel artists have been in the works for a while!🥰
can’t wait to show🔥https://t.co/nWjvfbKVTopic.twitter.com/IpUGDpPE7S

— Zombie Zoo.eth(🧟‍♂️,🧟) 9 yo Artist (@ZombieZooArt) May 12, 2022

Utilizing Minto’s own virtual real-estate, the grand enterprise will result in a fun and vibrant technicolour experience. Wherein, all can enjoy the madness of the Zombie Zoo in an immersive, interactive environment.

Oh, wait a minute, Steve Aoki owns one, so the project may be doomed. Sorry kid.

Check out Zombie Zoo on OpenSea >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/zombie-zoo-keeper-sandbox/

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