7-ELEVEN is about to open a convenience store in the metaverse

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HAEGIN‘s casual social networking-based IP Play Together has come up with a new Metaverse Convenience Store in the game. Collaborating with 7-ELEVEN Korea, mobile game developer HAEGIN has added this 7-ELEVEN metaverse convenience store in the game.

The metaverse convenience store of 7-ELEVEN Korea has opened a shop on Kaia Island. Which is the primary stage of Play Together, as a result of this collaboration.


Mascots of 7-ELEVEN Korea will also be competing in this new Metaverse Convenience Store

Players will be able to see and consume many things that are also offered in real life in this store. Players can also explore the convenience store and try out 7-ELEVEN Korea’s many services, such as the interactive floor, kiosk, and parcel delivery service, among others.

Veny and Barbara, the mascots of 7-ELEVEN Korea, will also make their metaverse debut. Players who visit the store for the first time will receive a special in-game costume based on the 7-ELEVEN Korea mascots. HAEGIN has also stated that as part of this agreement, they would be releasing additional material in the future, such as delivery missions and card games.

The current upgrade includes new material and systems in addition to the new store. Players can accomplish tasks and exchange Heart Coins for Valentine’s Day Event Rewards after completing their quests. They can also leave a message in a friend’s Guestbook and experiment with the new text color scheme.

7-Eleven to enhance its sales forecast through big data-based analysis

Korea Seven, the country’s 7-Eleven franchisee, has announced a new cooperation in order to improve its sales projection. The company has partnered with Oasis Business, a local startup, to give realistic sales forecasts for franchise stores based on big data-based commercial area analysis.

The firm issued an official statement admitting the agreement to set up an improved version of the startup information system, according to the local news site Aju Business Daily. With the help of it, convenience stores associated with the mall can estimate their sales.

Source: https://metanews.com/7-eleven-is-about-to-open-a-convenience-store-in-the-metaverse/

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