#7 Cosmic Convos with Sailor Mars feat. Felix Thirasat

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Welcome to my 7th Cosmic Convos. It’s really nice to hear more and more from people that they read my weekly column. I hear a lot from artists that they are inspired by the thinking and working methods of the artists I feature. I really hope that my columns can inspire upcoming artists by getting a glimpse into the minds of all these amazing artists I get to converse with! If you’re not an artist, I hope you’re enjoying to get to know the person behind the art. For me it is so interesting to hear the stories of the artists I look up to, precisely because I am not an artist myself! Hearing the stories of these artists really have the potential to inspire you for your own life.

It’s not really unexpected, but funny to see that the artists I’m drawn to are often inspired by the same things. Certainly it’s no surprise that I love anime. I often see the inspiration of anime clearly reflected in certain artists. Felix Thirasat is one of those artists. Although his inspirations from games and anime are visible, he has created his own unique style. I love how he portrays his characters. When I look at his art I don’t just see a character, but a story. One of his big goals is to create art, in whatever form, that moves people like certain anime and games have done to him. I am very impressed with his work already and I am sure he is well on his way to achieving this beautiful goal.

Rei:Hi Felix! I always start by asking where the artist’s name comes from, but I think you’re using your own name! Can you tell me more about yourself and where you are from?

Felix: Hi! Yes, my name is Felix Thirasat, a Freelance artist based in Germany. I am 21 years old, half German half Thai and currently studying communication design at HTWG Konstanz. I take huge inspirations from anime and games and hope to create my own world through my art. But in general, I just like drawing girls.

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Rei:Since how long have you been making art? You like drawing girls in a specific style. How did you art style evolve over the years?

Felix: I did art since forever. Since I can remember I was drawing. I think it began in kindergarten where I was always in the arts and crafts area drawing whatever a kid would find cool, be it dragons rockets, or pirate ships. Later in school, I was mainly interested in Car design. That was also my first dream job, becoming an automotive designer at Lamborghini. I even did a small internship through our school at that time. Shortly after I discovered anime however. The cars were quickly forgotten and replaced by cute anime girls. Drawing people, characters, telling stories with my art became my main interest and inspiration. The path to a concept artist seemed like a logical conclusion from there so I decided to practice, study, and ultimately grind my way to that goal. On that journey, I discovered 2 artists that became the main influence and inspiration to my current art style, Evan Lee and Krenz Cushart. Throughout many trials, I now feel like getting closer to my own style.

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Rei:I know you’ve made fan art too. Are these sources of inspiration for your own art and what are other sources of inspiration?

Felix: I mostly use fanart to try out new styles and workflows since it allows me to forget the designing part and just focus on drawing. I feel like I made huge progress on many of these fanarts because of that. The subjects of my fanart most certainly are big inspirations for me. These are mostly characters from anime series and games I feel connected to or just designs I admire.

Rei:How much are you working on art each day? Does it take a long time to make your art and how exactly does this process work?

Felix: I like to think I’m relatively quick on finishing one piece. Around 10-30 hours for each piece if I have to put a time on it. Some pieces just come naturally while others may take a few trials. Most of my process is spent in procreate, my drawing program of choice. I like the almost haptic feeling I can get using it. It allows me to forget the interface and any hindrances focusing purely on the process. This process is consisting out of rough concepting, lineart, coloring, and rendering. the Concepting stage is the hardest but also the most rewarding part for me. This is where I can for the first time see the finished piece in my head. The rendering is the most fun though. Letting me relax when the pencil almost moves on its own. I can sink hours into making one piece, sometimes even forgetting to eat and sleep while working on it. Art can be very addictive once you get into the flow.

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Rei:Do you have a particular message that you want to get across with your art or the way you draw your characters?

Felix: I don’t think there is one single message I want to get across. To be honest I’m still not too sure about what I want to tell or what I even have to say. Though there most certainly is something I want to say. I think there is something beautiful happening if people connect with an artwork. I can’t really put it into words but maybe that is what I try to achieve. Maybe I’m just telling my story as it’s being written with my art and want others to be part of it.

Rei:You also make NFTs of your artworks. How long have you been doing this and how do you like the space so far?

Felix: I have minted my first piece in mid-April but I took quite a long break before minting my next one. I actually never sold my genesis and became very busy with university exams around that time. I saw the potential of this space and wanted to be part of it but just didn’t know how to. A few months later however a friend of mine pushed me to finally mint my second and later first piece sold. That was the first time I felt I could make it and find success in this space. At that time I also got into the Anifam discord, a public discord for all anime nft artists and collectors. I think this is one of the main reasons I had this much fun until now. The support and love in this community just push you further. With that said I had an amazing time so far.

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Rei:Do you have any specific goals you want to achieve in the NFT space?

Felix: There are a few anime shows and games that heavily inspired and moved me as a person and I would like to at one point create something that does the same to someone else. This is a lifetime goal of mine and I really hope to achieve this.

Rei:Which artists do you look up to the most, in the NFT world and in general?

Felix: Like mentioned before, Krenz Cushart and Evan Lee were huge inspirations for me and my style. The way Evan renders and Krenz uses light is just amazing. Apart from them, there is the amazing TBChoi with shape design I could only dream of and of course the legend that is Kim Jung Gi. Talking about NFT artists I would have to say my favorite is Jisu. I just love the colors and rendering in their pieces. Also some special mentions to some smaller artists I admire: asevcart, Kevthepainter and Alfonso Santano. There are definitely a lot I forgot to mention… I could probably geek out about my favorite artists for hours.

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Rei: Do you ever think about what the future will look like? What do you think the world will look like in the next 10/25 years? What place do you think NFTs will have in this world?

Felix: Yes, all the time. I think we are at a point in time where we have the power to change and shape our future. The possibilities of the metaverse seem enticing and I wish we can get to a truly decentralized internet where everyone has their own NFT avatars, running through an ar, VR-powered world. I don’t think it’s too far off to imagine being able to live in space but still being connected to everyone on earth through VR. Maybe a new form of media will evolve through this space? Something like a revolutionary real-life game or a more metaphysical experience created through a movie that is being played in your mind and memories? Maybe we even finally genetically engineered catgirls at that point. What I’m certain about is that we can’t even imagine what it is like to live in this future.

Rei:Lastly, where can people find more about you and your art?

Felix: I am mainly on Twitter with some older art still on Instagram. For my NFTs  there is my Foundation, Knownorigin and Objkt.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/7-cosmic-convos-with-sailor-mars-feat-felix-thirasat/

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