​​5 Must See Art Destinations in the Voxels Metaverse – NFT Plazas

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Take a step into the ever-expanding, art-filled Voxels Metaverse, an intriguing world the blends digital and physical realities. Founded in 2018, this player-built domain offers simplicity, flexibility, and a vibrant community for artists and explorers alike.

Voxels stands out with its easy accessibility and building capabilities – no fancy software or hardware, just a URL click away. The ease of constructing a digital landscape through drag-and-drop functionality opens the door to endless creative possibilities.

Initially known as Cryptovoxels, this Metaverse, under the leadership of Ben Nolan, prioritizes art and community engagement. It’s also one of the few offering virtual reality experiences and the buying and selling of land.

In this article, we will navigate through the best art locations in Voxels, from innovative art galleries to stunning virtual architecture.


At 2 Hanami Gardens, near Spring in Chronos(3402E,1872S,)

Visit Em! >> Here

Dive into the colorful world of “EM!” – the PSY POP MUSEUM, a must-see location in the Voxels Metaverse. Crafted by the imaginative crypto artist EM!, this museum is an explosion of psychedelic pop art. With soft walls pulsating with vibrant artwork inside and out, visitors are instantly drawn into a visual narrative of whimsical creativity. The spectacle continues overhead with the surreal presence of moving green lava ceilings. A visit to EM!’s museum is an artistic journey, an immersion into a vibrant universe of digital art, making it a must-visit for all explorers in the Voxels Metaverse.

Just did a super cute makeover for all the art pieces on the first floor of our EM! MUSEUM 💁‍♀️💅 Come check out the glam in the @cryptovoxels 🎨🖼️🥳https://t.co/RoKU5cfER6#cryptoart#voxel#nfts#psypoppic.twitter.com/hMAZ0jhMNr

— 💎EM!💎 (@crypto__fantasy) May 20, 2023

Acid Manhattan

At 2 Pride week Palace, near Autumn in Chronos(3578E,1670S,)

Jump in >> Here

Experience the vibrant creativity of Acid Manhattan at 2 Pride Week Palace, nestled in the Autumn district of Chronos. This cozy micro-gallery is a hidden gem within the Voxels Metaverse, curated by the inspired Acid Manhattan himself. Stepping into the gallery, visitors are greeted with a plethora of bright, lively artwork that fills the space with dynamic energy. The spatial design adds an otherworldly touch to the venue, complementing the vivid art pieces that adorn its walls. This destination serves as a testament to the rich and varied artistic talent within the metaverse and is a delightful stop for anyone on a digital art expedition.

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Rorschach Redemption

At 66 Ron Road, near Punks in Origin City(255E,416S,)

Take a look around >> Here

A world of monochromatic splendor at “Rorschach Redemption” located at 66 Ron Road in Origin City. Conceptualized and brought to life by the artist Ilan Katin, this location is an exploration into the power of black-and-white aesthetics. The space is a testament to the incredible work of MattiaC. The absence of color doesn’t imply a lack of vibrancy – instead, it adds a layer of depth and contemplation to the viewer’s experience for those seeking an artistic encounter that goes beyond the traditional.

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Haus of Pattern

At 29 Min fir Road, near Kauri in Flora(1494E,1197N,)

Discover Haus of Pattern >> Here

Don’t miss the “Haus of Pattern” on that artistic journey through the Voxels Metaverse. Located at 29 Min fir Road, close to Kauri in Flora, this four-story marvel houses the captivating NFT and voxel art collections of artist and collector Patternbase. Each piece displayed carries a unique narrative, with many of them being creations of fellow artists from the Voxels community. The building itself, with its impressive architecture, serves as a fitting tribute to the artistry it encapsulates. A visit to the “Haus of Pattern” provides a glimpse into the breadth of talent within the Voxels Metaverse, making it a key point of interest for all art lovers and explorers.

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MakersPlace Gallery – Doom District

At 2 Cyber Junction, near Doom in Origin City(25W,129S,)

Enter the immersive world of art >> Here

Finally, make sure to visit the MakersPlace Gallery in Doom District. Conveniently situated at 2 Cyber Junction, close to Doom in Origin City, it’s the premier destination for rare digital art. This gallery curates and exhibits work from some of the world’s leading digital artists, making it a hub of artistic brilliance in the Voxels Metaverse. With a revolving roster of featured artists and collections, it’s a place that invites regular visits for continuous discovery. Whether an art enthusiast, collector, or fellow artist, the MakersPlace Gallery offers an enriching and inspiring experience for all who enter its digital doors.

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