$438k of Assets Pilfered as Beeple’s Twitter Account Compromised

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The blockchain world once again felt the crushing talons of duplicity as world famous NFT artist, Beeple, saw his Twitter account hacked. As a result, studious collectors lost an estimated $438k worth of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens.

The hack took place in the early hours of Sunday morning, while Beeple remained in bliss-filled slumber. During which, the cowardly act of skullduggery posted two separate links to a ‘free’ Beeple x Louis Vuitton NFT mint. As a result, those guided by FOMO jumped in without due diligence, and quite notably did not receive a free NFT.

While Beeple slept on, the NFT community rallied to the cause by circulating news of the hack. Then, on his emergence, team Vaynerchuk stepped in to help wrestle control back of the beleaguered Twitter account. Among the assets pilfered from the gutless heist, collectors lost around 73k worth of ETH, as well as coveted items from the Mutant Ape, VeeFriends, and Otherdeeds collections.

Then, in way of thanks, Beeple demonstrated appreciation of the help received in way of a weird Gary Vaynerchuk boobs goat. A somehow pleasing-on-the-eye NFT when considered side by side with his recent Madonna collab.

GIFT GOAT pic.twitter.com/mQ4z0RWtfI

— beeple (@beeple) May 22, 2022

As needs reminding with disturbing regularity, be careful what you click on, as the price could be too much to bear. Furthermore, keep those passwords long and secure, and never, under any circumstances, use the same one twice. Be careful out there!

Source: https://nftplazas.com/assets-pilfered-beeple-twitter-compromised/

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