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Notorious Web3 explorer DJ Steve Aoki is being inaugurated into The Sandbox through the launch of an NFT Avatar collection.

The collection is comprised of 3,333 unique and randomly generated NFT avatars based on the iconic DJ and his array of eclectic quirks. Of course, each will be a playable character within The Sandbox, starting with the upcoming Alpha Season 3. Through this, players will be able to unlock unique functionalities and have the chance to earn $SAND. 

The Steve Aoki Avatars will come in six different tiers of rarity with corresponding supply levels; Human (35%), Android (22%), Rainbow (18%), Hybrid (14%), Diamond (9%), and Gold (2%).

The collection will be released in three waves (all at 2PM UTC on respective days), with each costing 100 $SAND to mint, irrespective of which wave a collector engages with. The first wave begins on July 25th, when A0K1VERSE Passport holders and other Steve Aoki NFT holders will be able to mint two NFTs per wallet.

The next day, on July 26th, those on The Sandbox whitelist will be able to mint two NFTs per wallet. This essentially relates to anyone who holds The Sandbox LAND, a Doggies Avatar, or a Crypto Avatar. Alternatively, a lucky few will be able to gain a whitelist spot by winning one of The Sandbox’s Twitter contests.

The public release will then commence on July 27th, where four avatars per wallet will be available for minting. The Steve Aoki avatars and their corresponding rarities will then be revealed 48 hours after the public release on OpenSea.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/3333-steve-aoki-nft-avatars-join-the-sandbox/

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