2022 Draft – The Latest NFT Collection From the NFL

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The NFL’s inaugural ‘Draft’ event took place on April 28th, and to celebrate the career defining occasion, it launched a new NFT series on its virtual commemorative ticket NFT marketplace. The series is called the ‘2022 NFL Draft,’ and features 52 different collectible NFTs which are each dedicated to the league’s 32 teams.

The NFTs, which sport a traditional French suit playing cards aesthetic, are already on sale, and can be purchased for $52 a piece. As those who’ve already engaged with the NFL’s virtual commemorative ticket NFT concept will know, a purchase will not be the only way of getting your hands on one of the NFTs, as they will also be distributed to a portion of lucky fans who attend select NFL games. 

In addition, part of the collection will also be given to members of this year’s Inner Circle Club, which includes fans who’ve been selected to represent each team on Draft night.

According to the NFL’s Director of Club Business Development Sam Rubinroit, its Polygon-based marketplace is still very much in the ‘test and learn phase,’ despite being launched in November 2021. That being said, and with aid from the hectic NFL schedule, the marketplace has been able to produce various projects throughout its relatively primitive six month lifespan.

So far that includes the distribution of virtual commemorative ticket NFTs to NFL game attendees, collections based on the NFL play-offs and its champions, and an inaugural ‘Regular Season Clubs’ NFTs collection, which previously saw its assets being traded for thousands of dollars.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/2022-draft-nft-collection-nfl/

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