200 ETH Stolen in Recent Hack on BAYC Discord Server

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As if you didn’t already need reminding that anyone can fall victim to illegitimate actors within the NFT space, NFT royalty Yuga Labs have had their project’s Discord servers hacked for a third time. The breach occurred last week, where according to the company itself, the attackers were able to make off with 200 ETH (or $360,000) worth of NFTs. 

The mass digital theft was facilitated through the hacking of Boris Vagner’s, the project’s community manager, Discord account, which led to the attackers following usual scammer procedure by posting phishing links in both the official BAYC and Otherside Discord channels.

The scandal was first reported by ‘NFTherder’ on Saturday, who attributed the (then) 145 ETH theft to four separate wallets. Eleven hours later, and after the amount stolen had ramped up to 200 ETH,  an official acknowledgment of the attack was then posted from the Bored Ape Twitter account. 

The same attackers were also able to breach the Discord server of Spoiled Banana Society NFT (which is co-founded by Vagner and his brother Richard), however the attempt wasn’t as successful, as the phishing messages in this scenario were deleted relatively swiftly after being posted. 

The attack is the third and most monumental attack on the mass Yuga Labs NFT ecosystem, with the most recent being the grand hack of the BAYC Instagram and Discord channels, which led to the posting of fake mint sites of for Otherside’s ‘Otherdeeds’ Land sale. 

Source: https://nftplazas.com/200-eth-stolen-hack-bayc-discord-server/

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