#17 Cosmic Convos with Sailor Mars feat. Civort

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Welcome to my Cosmic Convos. This week’s artist Civort creates beautiful urban environments by combining elements of anime, film and video games into digital paintings. I always love looking at works like this, as it seems that every time you’re looking you discover something new.

I also really love the Bitcoin and Ethereum references you can find in some of his paintings. Some works are heavy cyberpunk inspired and show a futuristic setting looking like it came straight out of Blade Runner. Others are more modern environments and could well be places in our world today. I will certainly tune in to see which worlds he creates next.

Rei:Hi Civort, where does your artist name come from?

Civort: My real name is Victor, that’s were my anagram nick Civort comes from. It’s also a reference to Robots or Cyborgs something that I can relate to since I have a Titanium bar in my left hand

Rei:Can you give us a little background about yourself and where you are from?

Civort: I’m from the South of Spain, a place with sea and warm weather most of the year. I’m 22 years old now and the last year I finished and received my college degree in fine arts. There professors weren’t interested in digital paintings and 8 out of each 10 subjects wasn’t related in anything in what I wanted to learn so I made my own path and learned what I wanted on the internet and by practice.

1646660710 18d6dafc22354cc39dcecf631fec01c9.jpg

Rei:Can you name a few things that would define you as a person?

Civort: I have been playing video games all my life. Eventually I think my passion for the environments come from this, and the scene/perspective I found myself painting most is a path with a person, just like a videogame. Sadly I have slowed my playing time a lot for health problems (I’m getting the 3rd surgery in my left hand this 16th of March).

Rei:When and how did you start making art? Did your style evolve over time?

Civort: I loved to draw and paint since very young, I drew all the notebooks in my house and when I was 9 I started doing oil paintings. Also experimenting with pastels, watercolors, engraved etching/ aquatint etc

Since then I have never stopped painting, in 2016 I started focusing exclusively on digital painting (I share all my  paintings from 2016-2022 in my Urban Environments collection to show the progress and hard work I have been through).

My style is definitely being defined with each new painting and I manage to achieve a more polish finished piece every time.

1646660715 d86ac848a931478cb7f4b44ea941e286.jpg

Rei:What specific sources of inspiration for you to create your art?

Civort: The possibility of creating new worlds even if they are not real is the source of my inspiration. I also watch animations/anime and films frequently and when I see well made scenes I feel envy and want to paint.

Rei:How long do you work on art every day and how exactly does this process work?

Civort: I paint like 8 hours or more per day because is something I love to do and feel so rewarded when I see a piece evolving. Some of my paintings can be classified as concept art. I usually start with small black and white shapes, doing 10 or 20 of these leave me one or two to actually continue until the final stage. In other pieces I start with line sketches or random colors shapes until I can define something out of it.

1646660718 d5855cdc42bc4b4d8142e8d07822313d.jpg

Rei:Do you want to convey a certain message with your art pieces?

Civort: Not at all. Most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing, trying things all the time until I get up with something. Sometimes I paint multiple paintings in the same canvass so I can jump from one to another quickly when I don’t know what to do.

Rei:Can you tell us how and when you got into NFTs and how do you like this journey so far?

Civort: I started in August 2021, doing a lot of errors and learning in base I failed, anyways I got my first sale the same day I minted some pieces! Now my art has traded more than 2,3 ETHs and I’m extremely grateful of how this journey is going! I know this will go even better as I keep growing as artist.

1646660722 b19ce1d707544eeb85edea8bd0845cb5

Rei:What are your goals that you want to achieve in the NFT space?

Civort: I just want to keep painting whatever I want, no one pressuring me, no one telling me what I have to paint. Paint for me because I want to evolve and become a real good concept artist.

Rei:Which artists in the NFT space do you look up to the most?

Civort: Raphael Lacoste, rykyart, Ismail Inceoglu, Kan Liu, Feng Zhu, Madmaraca and Nessgrahics are only some of the many incredible artists I have discovered.

1646660726 558951c06bfe431d96b79f947ade5bf7

Rei: Where do you think the NFT space will go in the next few years?

Civort: If NFTs go hard enough they could replace the property system we are using in the actual world and link everything to a NFT to avoid corruption. Many things in security have to and will change in these years for the NFTs become something really big.

In therms of art, I see no more room for 10k collectibles projects, people are getting tired of being scammed and I will be very happy when they discover that real artists are there and they won’t disappear but keep evolving for many more years! Also normally quite underpriced compared with the collectibles.

Rei:Could you give me a exclusive sneak peak of something new you are currently working on?

Civort: Yes! I have been experimenting with green colour lately

1646660730 d18fdcb438ef423bb43213e0ba67627c.jpg

Rei: Lastly, where can people find more about you and your art?

Civort: Please check out my Linktree.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/17-cosmic-convos-with-sailor-mars-feat-civort/

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