10,000 $SAND Up for Grabs in The Sandbox x MoCDA Exhibitions

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The months of June and July will see The Sandbox inaugurate two art exhibits by the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA) into its metaverse.

The two exhibits in question are ‘Revisiting the Future: What will come as dreamed by digital artists’ by Filippo Lorenzin, and ‘Impossible Worlds’ by Tom Van Avermaet. The former will be showcased from June 10th to June 24th, whilst the latter will be on show from June 24th to July 8th. 

As its name suggests, Lorenzin’s exhibit explores the many ways in which future developments of society, technology and art can be shaped by artists of our time, just like how modern society has been shaped by the work of our predecessors. 

Similar in the fact that it’s based on surrealism, ‘Impossible Worlds’ is a curated exhibit which features works from the likes of Lumps, Jenni Pasanen, Giant Swan, Nicebleed and others. Each piece is a unique and digital depiction of an imaginary dreamland, where characters, colours and context are not bound by any limitations that may be imposed by human logic.

For community members who interact with MoCDA, which is an institute that supports a wide range of digital artists through an array of different artistic mediums, they will be able to win a prize of 200 $SAND by submitting their favourite piece of art here. A total of 10,000 $SAND is up for grabs, meaning 50 winners will be chosen in total.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/10000-sand-the-sandbox-mocda-exhibitions/

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