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NFT Plazas

Aavegotchi Goes Big with All-New PVP Battle Aarena – NFT Plazas

NFT Plazas

Decentraland Goes Live with Onboard Rental Contract – NFT Plazas

NFT Plazas

Decentraland Goes Festive with Ugly Sweater Wearables Contest

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Playboy Parties Its Way Back to The Sandbox – NFT Plazas

images202212017bd37dec 766d 485c b9a9 f1244785f357

Voxels Receives a Major Code and Texture Update – NFT Plazas

images2022113063c10028 d8b5 43fd a939 00e71c746334

Decentraland Announces Heart of Okeanos Event – NFT Plazas

images2022112929a31d2d 3c0b 4332 9fec d937f6d7c66f

Achieve Galactic Glory in the Alien Worlds Battledome Tournament

images202211248b307b0d 82c4 4dd7 a808 20762266d87e

The Sandbox Wades in with Brand Partnered Land Sale

images20221124504a96ba 69dc 483f 917f 96f8f48d8238

Blankos Block Party Strikes up Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts Partnership –

images202211226e2dd556 ab07 446f 93f0 f06d9beced9f

Rockstar Games Clarifies NFT Stance Amid Rapper Controversy

images20221121853cee87 2289 4845 9d68 56fdbbdc6261

The Sandbox Launches Major Map and Dashboard Upgrade

images202211205e702433 1635 493c be82 4db080b2b00b

NFT Plazas Ember Sword Drops Amazing WIP Gameplay Footage

images2022111864c8e252 8c5c 4f9c 96d9 79d14df98b69

Blankos Block Party Season 1 Gets New Update – NFT Plazas

images2022111894400cbc dbe8 440e 941d d8bf0aa5de3f

Decentraland Innovates Once Again with New ‘Places’ Feature

images20221117cb537b53 d302 4805 96b5 abb157f0e307 6

What’s on Guide to the Metaverse – Nov 18th – Nov 20th, 2022

images20221117c306e075 f237 4f6c 8ec4 10807d738572

La Liga Welcomes All-Comers to Laligaland in Decentraland

images202211152b8ca99e 6654 438d b088 d928fa8c2cb6

The Sandbox Partners with LEAPR for Latin America Breakthrough – NFT Plazas

images20221115d0ac507f de94 4c28 82a7 46e1d5e31cd6 1

Metaverse Market Analysis: November 7-13, 2022 – NFT Plazas

images20221113698360d3 5c71 420c aeb1 99ef8756e0aa

Meta Doubles Down on Metaverse Plans Despite Company Turmoil

images20221112cedecbfb 181f 4267 a7b3 b68b978f8b06

Roblox Blindsides the Competition to Announce NFT Integration

images2022111138cc8f54 d92c 48c3 80f0 e6d34661389f

Meet the Metaverse Creators: NFT Creator Clammy – NFT Plazas

images2022111187a9514d 136f 43e8 8bd5 d4a4b1fa7fcb 1

Market Analysis of The Sandbox – Alpha Seasons 1, 2 & 3

images2022111187a9514d 136f 43e8 8bd5 d4a4b1fa7fcb

Market Analysis of The Sandbox – Alpha Seasons 1, 2 & 3

images20221111ef22d589 7a14 49df a3f5 c93f7f43dacf

Lionel Messi Scores Sorare Brand Ambassador Role – NFT Plazas

images202211102fad4c30 9370 4db4 801f 3f1feb9ff913

Decentraland Adds Cool New Feature to Aid Metaverse Navigation

images202211100aefa9e4 8fa1 4d29 8960 512bfa7026d5 6

What’s on Guide to the Metaverse – Nov 11th – Nov 13th, 2022

images202211108d231cbf 199c 41e8 8e7b e939de7798e5

Forbes Announces Virtual Event in Partnership with Sandbox

images202211093db0ef17 79e3 49e1 97b2 e120fe9bd2cf

Voxels Drops Atmospheric Update with Lighting V2 – NFT Plazas

images2022110873ebc1b6 c225 422e a4a0 feef97060c00

Wemade’s Sees $46M Fundraising with Support From Microsoft

images20221108db3cad10 6ba0 4921 9a22 4792b90cd19c

AS Roma Star Paulo Dybala Becomes MonkeyLeague Ambassador

images2022110765733bf9 5060 4a0c a02e aa556c6dda3d

Metaverse Market Analysis: October 2022 – NFT Plazas